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The Governing Board has a wide range of duties and powers with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement in the school.

The Governing Board ensures clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction, holds the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff and oversees the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The Governing Board owns the premises, employs the staff and has responsibility for admission arrangements. The school receives its revenue from the Department of Education DfE.

1.      Information about the Governing Board

Hendon School is a single convertor academy and a company limited by guarantee. The company was incorporated on 7 October 2011.  As an academy, Hendon School is responsible for its own governance and management.  The Academy is the employer of its staff, owns the building assets on its main site and retains responsibility for its own admission arrangements, working in conjunction with the Local Authority on this.  Funding comes primarily from the Education Funding Agency (an agency of the Department for Education) and also from the Local Authority (Barnet).

Hendon School has up to twenty members; one founder member and up to nineteen other members appointed by the members or elected by the parent body. 

2.      How Does the Governing Board Operate?

The Governing Board normally holds four meetings a year, one per term with two in the autumn term, including an AGM in December.  The Head Teacher provides a report on the work of the school to each of these meetings.  At the meeting, the Governing Board will go through the report from the Head Teacher, the work of its various committees and determine the outcome of discussions on pertinent topics relevant to governance.  The Governing Board appoints various committees whose work is to review in more detail various activities that support the Governing Board regarding key decisions to ratify.  The Committees are as follows:

  • Admissions Committee:  Responsibility includes developing and approving the Admissions Policy and reviewing the school’s standard number of admissions, supporting the school in pupil recruitment activities

  • Audit Committee: The Audit Committee’s purpose is to monitor internal controls and risk management systems, the effectiveness of internal and external audit activity and the integrity of the financial statements.

  • Chairs’ Committee: Considers and advises on any matters within the remit of the Governing Board, particularly those that involve the interests of more than one of the Governing Board Committees.  Takes decisions in areas that do not require approval by the full Governing Board and which are not the responsibility of the Governing Board Committees with delegated powers.

  • Curriculum Committee:  The Curriculum Committee explores developments at the school with regard to the curriculum as well as monitoring the work of the school with regard to examination results and other key performances, the progress of special needs and looked after children, and the progress of the Equality Plan.

  • Finance & General Purposes Committee: Its purpose is to oversee finance, premises, IT, human resources, health and safety and other business management issues; approving the annual budget, medium term plans and virements against budget.

  • Staffing Committee: Its purpose is to promote and maintain the effective use of resources to ensure the highest standards of attainment for all pupils by supporting the school in the recruitment, selection and retention of staff. 

  • Student Welfare Committee: Considers on matters involving student interests; determines and monitors strategy and policies in respect of student support including SEN, minority ethnic, disabilities looked-after children; monitors and evaluates Pupil Premium, Behaviour, Discipline, exclusions and Attendance  

3.      Do you want to contact the Governing Board?

Sometimes parents/carers wish to contact the Governing Board directly.  Sometimes parents/carers wish to contact Parent Governors about a school matter that is affecting them. Please contact the Head Teacher in the first instance.  The Head Teacher is operationally in charge of the school, not the Governing Board, so on most matters, it is the Head Teacher who can most effectively deal with the issue.  The Head Teacher is also a governor and, if the matter is more strategic, is in the best position to bring it to the attention of the Governing Board.

There are formal processes to deal with admission and exclusion and parents/carers involved in those processes will be contacted directly over those matters and informed on how to appeal. 

If you are still of the view that you want to contact the Governing Board, please contact the Clerk to the Governors, at the school for advice about how best to pursue the matter.

Sometimes parents/carers wish to contact the Governing Board directly. The Governing Board can be contacted via the Clerk to the Governors c/o Reception Office, or alternatively email the Headteacher's PA  Email: goodallk@hendonschool.co.uk

Parent Governor

A number of Parent Governor positions are currently available.  The role of the school governor is absolutely vital.  School governors form the largest voluntary force in the country and the influence they have over the development of children’s education is immense and contribute to the success, strategic development and running of the school.  No specific skills are required but it is important to have an interest in young people’s education, enthusiasm and commitment and be able to work as part of a team.  The school manages a significant publicly funded budget so experience or skills in finance, IT, planning and premises is welcome. 

Becoming a governor is an exciting opportunity to acquire new skills, work as part of a team and make a difference to children’s lives. 

Please do contact the Headteacher, one of the Governors or the Clerk to the Governors c/o Reception Office, Hendon School.  Alternatively you can email the Headteacher's PA Email: goodallk@hendonschool.co.uk  if you are interested or would like to find out more. 

Governing Board

Member of Curriculum and Finance & General Purpose Committees

Member of Curriculum & Student Welfare Committees

Member of Finance & General Purpose and Staffing Committees

Chair of Staffing Committee

Member of Audit, Chairs’, Headteacher Performance Management and Staffing Committees

Joint Link Governor Safeguarding and Child Protection

I have been on the Hendon School Governing Body since 2016 and I am currently chair of the Staffing Committee. I joined the Governing Body having lived and attended schools within the London Borough of Barnet. 

My background: My professional career is in Human Resources, currently working for an airline as a consultant. I have held various roles across multiple sectors including the Civil Service, retail, hospitality and travel.


Member of Admissions and Staffing Committees

Link Governor for Creative Arts

I joined the Hendon School Governing Body in 2010 as a parent governor and have been a member of the Staffing and Finance Committees since then, more recently as a community governor. I am the link governor for the Creative Arts.

My background: My professional background is in the Creative Arts; I am an illustrator and graphic recorder and work with a wide range of national and international clients. 

My academic background is in Design (BA) and Applied Linguistics (MA). I am currently enrolled on a Masters degree in Illustration.

Member of Admissions and Student Welfare Committees

I joined the Governing Board of Hendon School in 2024 as a parent governor.

My background: I was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. I am a linguist with 12 years of experience in teaching in higher education. I have a PhD in Education, psycholinguistics and some experience in developing curricula in HE. 

Member of Curriculum and F & GP Committees

Member of Admissions and Student Welfare Committees

Member of Finance & General Purpose & Student Welfare Committees

I joined the Governing Board in early 2023 as a Co-Opted Governor. Having always lived in Hendon, I know the school as central to the fabric of the local community. 

My background: I am a programme manager in the charity sector, and I have worked at organisations including the NSPCC, focusing on education programmes, safeguarding training and online safety. 

My academic background includes an MBA in business management, covering CSR, corporate finance and governance. Having also trained at drama school, I have an MA in Musical Theatre, and I occasionally moonlight as an actor performing in musicals and panto. I am also an operational first aid volunteer with St John Ambulance.

Member of Chairs’, Curriculum, Finance & General Purposes, Headteacher Performance Management, Staffing and Student Welfare Committees, Ex Officio Member of all Committees

Link Governor for PE

I joined the Governing Body in 2016 as a Community Governor and became the Chair four years ago.

My Background: I attended Woodhouse Grammar School in Finchley having been born and brought up in North London. My business career was spent in retailing and international brand management in sports and fashion. I have also lived in Nashville USA and Hong Kong and now reside in Radlett.






Chair of Audit Committee

Member of Audit, Chairs', Finance and General Purposes and Student Welfare Committees

Link Governor for Years 9 and 10

I joined the Hendon Governing body in 2021, and currently serve as the Chair of the Audit committee. I also sit on the Welfare committee.

My background: In my professional life, I am a lawyer specialising in advising technology companies, with a particular focus on the privacy of electronic communications, data protection (including children’s privacy online) and digital safety. I have a Masters in Early Modern History from the University of Cambridge.



Mr Craig McGuire Headteacher

Chair of Finance & General Purposes Committee

Member of Audit and Chairs' and Finance & General Purposes Committees

Link Governor for careers and Governor training and development

I joined Hendon school as a co-opted governor in August 2020 and have since served as Chair for both the Audit Committee (now vice chair) and Finance & General-Purpose Committee (current chair). 

My background: My working background is in predominantly in Finance, as a qualified accountant specialising in Financial Planning and Strategy. I currently work at a Sports and Leisure company, based in Finchley, local to Hendon.  I attended school in Colchester Essex, before reading Geography at Nottingham University.

Member of Curriculum & Student Welfare Committees

Ex Officio Member of Admissions, Chairs’, Curriculum,Finance & General Purposes, Staffing and Student Welfare Committees

In Attendance at Audit Committee

Member of Finance & General Purposes and Student Welfare Committees

Link Governor for Maths & Joint Link Governor for Humanities

I attended Hendon School from 2014-2021. I studied both my GCSE and A-level qualifications at Hendon and have contributed to various projects around the school helping bolster its academic reputation and links with the wider community.

My background: Currently, I read Politics at King’s College London. I am well known for my work with the Afghan Student Union and have been given awards for my contributions to the diaspora community.”

Member of Chairs' and Student Welfare Committees

Link Governor for SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability)

Link Governor for EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Link Governor for Science

I have been a Governor at Hendon School since 2016, serving on the Curriculum, Admissions, and as Vice Chair of the Student Welfare Committee. I attended this school from years 7 to 13 and was Head Boy, so the Hendon School community, ethos and culture is ingrained in my upbringing.

My background: I have graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from UCL and currently work as a team leader in the steam industry; consulting clients on improving their energy efficiency as well as being responsible for the companies quality and environmental management systems.

Chair of Curriculum Committee

Member of Admissions, Chairs’, Curriculum and Finance & General Purposes Committees

Link Governor for Health & Safety

Link Governor for Modern Foreign Languages

I joined the Hendon Governing Body in 2004, and am Chair of the Curriculum Committee and Link Governor for Modern Foreign Languages. I started as a Parent Governor, when my younger daughter attended the school. l am now a Community Governor. My daughter went on to study Japanese at Oxford, and lived for a while in Japan.

My background: I am now retired, but I started my career as an archaeologist, and then went on to work for the Department for Transport, the Health and Safety Executive, the Association of British Insurers, before finally operating my own consultancy company. I am now a busy grandparent.

Member of Staffing & Welfare Committees

Chair of Admissions. 

Member of Admissions, Audit, Chairs’, Curriculum, Headteacher Performance Management and Staffing Committees

Joint Link Governor for 6th Form

I joined the Hendon Governing Body as a Parent Governor in 2010. Both my children were at Hendon from year 7 to Year 13. My son is now a Medical Physicist with the NHS and my daughter is at Manchester University studying Japanese and Chinese. I am currently a community Governor.

I have served as Chair of Audit, and am currently Vice-Chair and Chair of Admissions and a member of Curriculum and staffing.

My Background: My professional background is as a Project Manager for a large software company, where I had responsibility for the implementation and installation of telecoms and industry projects in the UK and abroad. I have a degree in Computer Science.

Trust Member

I became a Member of the School under the Articles of Association in February 2023.

My Background

I am a former pupil of the school, then known as Hendon County School and I left in 1963 to become a solicitor. I was a partner in a firm of solicitors in the City of London until my retirement. I was a non executive director of the Metropolitan Police Friendly Society. After my retirement from the law, I finally found a use for my love of history, which was instilled in to me at the school and I became a London private tour guide.

Trust Member

Trust Member

A number of Parent Governor positions are currently available, please contact the Clerk to the Governors c/o reception office, Hendon School or email the Headteacher's PA Email: goodallk@hendonschool.co.uk if you are interested or would like to find out more.

Election closes 9am, Monday 11th December 2023