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VIP Year 6-7 Transition Zone

Many parents and carers have concerns about their children moving from primary to secondary school. At Hendon School we understand this and have put together a programme to ensure that students have a smooth transition and positive start both academically and socially.

The transition team (including the Head of Year 7, Assistant Headteacher, SEND Coordinator, Student Support Manager, members of the Behaviour team and other staff if appropriate) visit every primary school from which students are transferring. It is an opportunity to meet the Year 6 teacher, students and other relevant staff in the primary school.

Students are interviewed at Hendon School with their parent/carer, by either a member of the Year 7 team or a member of the Senior Leadership team. This “settling in” interview is an opportunity to gather information that will help with creating the New Year 7 classes but also gives parents/carers and students an opportunity to ask questions and allay any fears. Essential information forms are completed and the Home School Agreement is signed.

For those students coming to Hendon from a primary school where only 1 or 2 students are transferring, there will be a VIP picnic  to which they will be invited, with their parent/carers, an opportunity to spend time getting to know each other before Induction day.

On Induction day students spend the day with us, meeting other people in their form class and their form tutor. There is also a meeting for the parents on Induction day and an opportunity to buy the school PE kit.

We hold a week long summer school for our most able students that is by invitation only.

The first day in September is for Year 7 students only. The focus of the day is team building and getting to know members of their form class. There is also a coffee morning for parents on the first day.

We also understand that transition from primary to secondary school can also be a stressful time for both students and their parents/carers so we have a dedicated email address that is monitored by the transition team to answer all concerns/questions you might have. Please do not hesitate to contact us at VIP@hendonschool.co.uk

EGG is Hendon School's cultural magazine which aims to provide a platform for all types of creativity. We ask students to submit artwork, photography, performance reviews, book, film, music and video reviews that express their cultural experiences. 

We are currently working on the EGG corona chronicles which will celebrate students' activities during the pandemic lockdown - click here to see copies of EGG Corona Chronicles.

Documents - Free School Meals Application and Home School Agreements

Our home school agreement has recently been updated, so we are in the process of uploading the agreement in other languages. If your language is not currently shown and you are in need of a translated free school meals document or home agreement, please email VIP@hendonschool.co.uk

As these are word documents they will automatically download onto your computer when you click on them, so please check your downloads folder.