About HS6

HS6 Vision

Our key aims are that we offer a broad and based curriculum; that all students within Hendon aspire to join our 6th Form and that we encourage external applicants to consider us as their first choice to study. Whilst we have very high academic standards, we are also aware of the fact that as an inclusive school that we have developed a flexible curriculum model to suit our students.

We encourage students to adopt a dynamic and aspirational approach towards learning. The Sixth Form contract is of great significance. It defines our shared ethos and forms an agreement about the values and priorities of the 6th Form. It also sets out our expectations as well as our expectations of each student.

Although we recognise the growing autonomy of our 6th Form students, we also realise from many years of experience that there is a direct link between attendance, punctuality and academic performance. For this reason, we have very high standards in relation to behaviour and attitudes towards learning. We expect students to view themselves as young adults and to take increased responsibility for communicating effectively with our 6th Form teachers.

We recognise that Sixth Form student leadership is a crucial role in the school. It enables change and development to take place giving students a platform to voice their opinions. We want to give every student in the 6th Form every opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution to the community.

Students are encouraged to develop independence whilst continuing to be supported by high quality teaching, excellent mentoring and a dedicated pastoral team. As well as a culture of high achievement, we aim to foster an ethos of mutual support, communication and respect.

Students are able to choose from a wide variety of courses to suit their needs. They also benefit from numerous extra-curricular activities of both an educational and social nature.

Our ethos and values are the things that make our Sixth Form distinctive.

Ms C Gittens  - Head of Sixth Form