About HS6

HS6 Vision

HS6 is a vibrant, student focused learning environment offering our students a place to learn, grow and succeed. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, tailored to the individual needs of our cohorts, providing a full range of both level 2 and level 3 qualifications. As a school sixth form, continuing the inclusivity, community and belonging of our Hendon School values is at the heart of what we do and ensures that our Hendon students aspire to join HS6 at the end of their year 11 journey. We also encourage and welcome external applicants, striving to be their first-choice place to study.

Although we recognise the growing autonomy of our 6th Form students, we also realise from many years of experience that there is a direct link between attendance, punctuality and academic performance. For this reason, we have very high standards in relation to behaviour and attitudes towards learning. We expect students to view themselves as young adults and to take increased responsibility for communicating effectively with their teachers.

In addition to their curriculum studies, we offer a number of opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills, recognising the importance of providing a platform for them to develop personally while also giving back to the school community. Students are encouraged to develop independence, resilience and employability skills through channels such as student voice, work experience and volunteering both in school and within our wider community.

We invest time supporting our students as they transition into sixth form, fostering a love of learning for their chosen subjects while developing their independent learning skills and revision. In addition, we work hard to prepare our students for their post 18 choices, ensuring they are fully aware of the range of choices available to them and can make excellent applications to universities, apprenticeships and employers where they will be successful and thrive.

At HS6 we invest in our students; we support them to be the best versions of themselves, to live through our values believe, achieve, lead and belong, to be successful in their academic studies and to ensure they are prepared for wherever life takes them.

Sixth form is a wonderful journey and we would be delighted to be a part of yours. Please join us on Thursday 9th November from 5 – 7pm to see what we can offer and learn more about our provision at HS6. 


Trish Saunders 
Director of Key Stage 5