About HS6

HS6 Expectations

We have the highest expectations of all students, and firmly believe in the connection between excellent attendance and punctuality, a structured daily routine and high achievement.


All students should aim for 100% attendance to lessons and to tutor group. Our expectation is that no student’s attendance should fall below 96%. Sustained attendance below 97% will trigger contact with parents. If a student is absent once in any one week, a note from a parent or carer is expected explaining the reason for the absence. The note must be shown to the tutor and given to the 6th form administrator who will make a copy and store on the student’s file. Failure to produce a note will mean that the absence is unauthorised and will result in a one-hour pastoral detention after school on a Friday. To achieve a minimum of 97% over the school year, a student should not be absent for more than 2 days in 1 school term.


All students should be in their form groups by 8.40, ready to start the school day. Tutor materials will be presented during form time to support students through the academic rigours of 6th form courses. Key information including UCAS guidance is also delivered during form time.  All students should aim for 100% punctuality to school. Late on the day will result in a 30 minute detention after school, and persistent lateness will trigger further appropriate sanctions.


As emerging adults and senior members of the school, all Sixth Form students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner appropriate to their status. Respect, courtesy and kindness are key school values, and Sixth Form students have a particular responsibility to set an example and act as positive role models for younger students, and to foster and maintain helpful relationships with our neighbours.


It is expected that all students will complete all their work to the best of their ability and submit it on time. Students must demonstrate resilience and determination in their approach to their academics. Wider reading in the subject is expected and is important to develop a more in depth understanding of the subject.

Independent Study 

When not engaged in lessons, all students are expected to be on-site, working in the Sixth Form Centre or the School Library. The canteen is also available for 6th form students to eat or work quietly during the school day.


All students should aspire to achieve their full potential and take full advantage of the many opportunities on offer in the Sixth Form. Comprehensive support in careers information, advice and guidance is available to all students, as is a full programme related to higher education applications.