HS6 Enrichment & SMART Futures

At HS6 we are committed to preparing students for life. This means that while a sound academic foundation is paramount, it is also important to develop life skills that will ensure that you can be successful in whatever university course or career that you pursue. To complement your A levels/BTEC’s we offer a range of enrichment activities that will help you achieve your potential and flourish inside and outside the classroom.

These are some of the enrichment activities that we currently offer:

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National Citizen Services (NCS) - “brings together young people from different backgrounds and helps them develop greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility. It encourages personal and social development by working on skills like leadership, teamwork and communication. Participants develop a social action project to deal with a local issue they’re passionate about, and spend 30 hours putting the project into action in their community.”

Star Reading- Sixth Form students support year 7 students improve reading and comprehension through two 1:1 sessions a week.

Work Experience- All Sixth From students have to complete two weeks of work experience at an appropriate establishment that will help them to develop professional skills. This helps support the UCAS process as students begin to explore their post 6th Form options.

Summer Schools- every year universities run a series of summer schools which is usually a week-long series of seminars at the university which will give students subject specific experience of a degree course they are interested in studying. HS6 students are supported and encouraged to apply for summer schools which could run in combination with their 2 week work experience.

University taster day courses- Most taster courses include lectures, discussions, and tutorial sessions. These give students the chance to meet departmental staff and get hands-on experience of the facilities. This can provide students with important insight into how the university or college works. Taster courses also gives students an opportunity to find out about the other side of student life, such as the sports, music, drama and cultural activities, and meet other people who share their interests..