Physical Education

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Intelligence and skills can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong – John.F.Kennedy

Our Philosophy

“We believe that all students should be participating in high quality, inclusive and enjoyable Physical Education.  The curriculum is designed to engage all students and to introduce them to a broad range of physical competences.  Our goal is to ensure that every student leaves with a love of physical activity and the necessary skills to engage in lifelong participation.

“We aim to encourage and nurture leadership skills through all of our lessons, with opportunities for extended learning in our highly successful Gifted & Talented Sports Leadership Programme.”

There is no other subject that grips the human imagination like Physical Education. No subject that takes up more newspaper inches than Physical Education. No subject that brings more people together in celebration and despair. Think of an Ashes tour, a World Cup, a Wimbledon final, the Olympic heats; nothing else matters for these moments in time.

PE is the study of all the fundamental skills behind these glorious occasions. It is a study of the motor skills that make up each movement; the analysis of the tactics used to outwit opponents and an insight into the mind of a sports performer. Students will explore elements that make up a healthy lifestyle, from diet to rest and recovery.

From the practical side, in key stage 3, to the theoretical in key stage 4 and 5, students will be given the skills to participate in sport and physical activity throughout their lifetimes. They will have opportunity to compete against each other and against other schools, to celebrate each other’s successes and learn from their failures. They will discover a whole world of sports and physical activity, from the traditional to the modern.

Students have 2 lessons each week, 1 of which incorporates a 5 minute run to begin the lesson.  This is part of our drive to improve the overall cardiovascular endurance of all of our pupils and create a habit of regular exercise.






Year 7 - The Fundamentals

Principles of invasion games

- Football- Netball- Rugby

- Basketball

Sports LeadershipHealth and FitnessTable TennisBadmintonTrampolining


Principles of Athletics-Sprinting-Endurance running-Throwing-Jumping

Striking and fielding- Cricket- Rounders

Year 8 - Performance in Sport

FootballNetballHandballHealthy Lifestyle

Sports LeadershipBadmintonTable TennisTrampolining

AthleticsStriking and fielding- cricket- rounders- softball- tennis

Year 9 - Evaluating and Improving

NetballFootballRugbyHealth and Exercise

BadmintonTable TennisTrampoliningNetball

AthleticsStriking and fielding- cricket- rounders- volleyball

Wider opportunities within Physical Education

As well as weekly PE lessons, we provide and abundance of opportunities for students to be physically active throughout the school year.  In PE, we organise events to celebrate International Women’s Day and Sports Relief.  We organise a 24 trampoline bounce and various trips to different sporting events.  In addition, we pride ourselves on the quality of our Interform competition whereby all KS3 pupils are given the opportunity to compete as part of a team against the other forms in their year group.  This culminates in a fantastic Sports Day hosted at the Stone X Stadium, home of Saracens Rugby, whereby all pupils are rewarded for exercising and participating in athletic competition.

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