Year 7

Head of Year – Gail Jordan -


Be Involved - Belong

The first year at Hendon School is a big step up to the next very important phase of your life.  You will have lots of new and interesting subjects to get used to with different teachers, there are new buildings to move around to and learn in and new friends to be made.  Settling in may take time but we are here to support you!

Be Determined - Achieve

We are incredibly proud of the Hendon School Community where students, staff and parents work together to achieve excellent results.  We expect and give the very best education to every child and with your support and the high standards of our specialist teachers, we can unlock the potential of each child in order for them to realise their full potential.  Attendance is key to success. 

Be Ready - Lead

Be ready every day!  Year 7 need to take responsibility for themselves in lessons and with their homework.  They need to consider their behaviour and the impact it may have on themselves and their peers.  They need to practise the Kind and Respectful ways that we will discuss in our assemblies and during their mentoring sessions.  They need to practise honest reflection in order to move forward positively and continuously work hard to develop. 

Be Positive - Believe

We want to support our students to get them into good habits; we would like for them to understand the importance of being accountable for their actions as this is part of growth so that they will develop into confident, successful and happy adults, prepared to face the future and we would very much appreciate your help as their parents and carers on this journey.

I am excited about this journey with all the Year7’s and I would like to establish good home school communication and always welcome your thoughts and views on how we can all work together in a meaningful way

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Year 7 Parents Evening Thursday 13th February 2020

Barnet School Health Questionnaire for Year 7 Parents/Carers Click here

Tutor list  

7.1  Mohammed Salem - 

7.2 Ketan Modasia  

7.3 Ben Richardson

7.4  Adem Ledbetter

7.5 Keebriyah Ehiya

7.6 Aaron Barreto

7.7 Florije Hoxha

7.8 Lauren Ashley

 PDS Support:

Michelle Jones -



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