Year 10

Year 10 Mock Exam timetable available here

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Head of Year: 
Florence Kruczyk  

Dear Parent / Carer,

At Hendon School we work together with parents to support our students. As students enter KS4, we expect them to become increasingly mature in their attitude and approach towards their studies. The demands of their GCSE courses are considerable and students need to organise their time and work in a responsible and mature manner in preparation for examinations and assessed coursework. Excellent attendance and punctuality are a key factor as it becomes increasingly important to be present for all lessons. We are proud of the standards achieved by our students at KS4 and expect that current Year 10 students will be even more successful than their predecessors.

Form Tutors

10.1H  Martina Schmid - / Irena Annenkova (Mon)

10.2H  Ryan Watson -

10.3H  Amy Goodman -

10.4H  Samira Egala -

10.5S  Catherine Nicholas -

10.6S  George Berry

10.7S  Esa Roman -

10.8S  Alpa Patel -

PDS Support:

Joyce Massey

Key Dates for Year 10

Revision Guides

Understanding your child's grade sheet

Attendance and Punctuality


Student Support

Suggested Reading List for Key Stage 4

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