Year 11


 Head of Year

Martin Dickie

Head of Key Stage 4 (KS4) - Florence Kruczyk


Introduction letter from Florence Kruczyk - Head of KS4

Information Evening Documents (from Year 10)

Year 11 Parents' Evening: Thursday 20th January 2022

Form Tutors:

11.1  Dawn Hollingworth /Irina Annenkova

11.2  Rachel Bacon /Chetna Patel

11.3  Ranju Chawla

11.4  Emma Nute

11.5  Martina Schmid/, Michelle Cowles(Mon)

11.6  Riyaz Gadatara 

11.7 Esa Roman

11.8 - Alyza Tabor

 PDS Support:

 Anita Pontikakis -

Core values of the team

  • Students help and support fellow year 10 students
  • Students have a positive attitude towards learning
  • Students show respect and manners to all members of the Hendon School community
  • Students respect the school environment
  • Students communicate with each other using appropriate language
  • Students speak to an adult if they are struggling with a particular issue
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