Physical Education

Faculty: Physical Education

Level: 3 (A-Level)

Examination Board  / website : AQA (

Assessment Details : 

Practical Examinations 1) Paper 1: Factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport, 2 hours, 105 marks, 35%, Summer Year 2

2) Paper 2: Factors affecting optimal performance in physical activity and sport, 2 hours, 105 marks, 35%, Summer Year 2

Coursework  1) Practical performance as a performer or coach in a full sided version of one activity, 45 marks, 15%, Easter Year 2

2) Written/ verbal analysis of performance, 45 marks, 15%, Easter Year 2

Course Outline:

For the written examinations students will be required to display knowledge, application and analysis/ evaluation and the ability to respond to extended questions  on a wide range of topics that fall under the below chapters:

1) Applied anatomy and physiology

2) Skill acquisition

3) Sport and society

4) Exercise physiology

5) Biomechanical movement

6) Sport psychology

7) Sport and society and the role of technology in physical activity and sport

Skills / Aptitudes required to be successful in this course :

1) Students should have a genuine interest in topics relating to sport. For example, students will need to engage in a wide range of subject-specific reading that will allow them to  form and articulate balanced discussions surrounding current issues in sport.

2) Student should be committed to improving their performance in a sporting activity in their own time as their performance in this activity accounts for 15% of their overall A-Level grad.

3) Students should both be competent at and enjoy articulating responses to extended writing questions. In the written examinations 66% of the available marks are made up of extended writing questions (8-15 marks) meaning that success is hugely dependant on a students ability to articulate balanced and discursive responses to the extended writing question posed. 

Goes well with : Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Physics

Pathways – Career and /or further study possibilities, using this subject:

Further study - Sport & Exercise Science; Strength & Conditioning; Sports Psychology; Physical Education; Physiotherapy

Career - Physical Education Teacher; Strength & Conditioning Coach; Sports Data Analyst; Physiotherapist; Sports Coach; Sports Journalist; Sports Marketing

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