Art and Design

Faculty:    Creative Arts-Art and Design                 

Level:  A Level

Examination Board  / website : AQA

Unit 1 Personal Portfolio  60% coursework  Unit 2  Externally Set Task 40% exam

Assessment Details :

Practical Examinations (Unit titles, duration, % weighting, dates):

Three day practical examination of a selected exam topic.

This is the final component to the Externally Set Task, worth 40% or total grade.

Coursework (Unit titles, duration, % weighting, submission dates):

Still Life and Personal Portfolio. Still Life unit develops students drawing, painting, photography and observational skills.  Students then select a starting point, from past exam papers for their Personal Portfolio. The Personal Portfolio, can be in any medium or discipline of students choice.

Course Outline:

A Level Art and Design starts with an intensive drawing workshop. The purpose is to develop students drawing styles, and give them a strong foundation to build on. The first unit is a set theme (Still Life), which enables students to use this as a starting point to develop their ideas. Students are encouraged to experiment with a wide range of materials and media, whilst responding to different artists and designers.

From there students exploring a theme of their own choice. Students are given a range of past exam questions, or starting points to which they can develop their Personal Portfolio.  The theme is supported by independent research of selected artists and designers, with work both in and out of their sketchbook.

The Externally Set Task, is the exam paper set by AQA. Students are to select one exam point to use as a starting point for their body of work which they create in the lead up to the exam. The final piece for the unit is created in the three day practical exam.

A Level  art students regularly visit galleries and exhibitions in London. We encourage students to maximise their exposure to contemporary art in London by regularly visiting galleries, exhibitions and events.

Skills / Aptitudes required to be successful in this course :

A Level  Art and Design is a fascinating and rewarding experience.  It encourages personal development, dedication, hard work and preparedness to explore new ideas and media.  Students need to be independent creative thinkers, who have excellent time management skills, organised and receptive to new ideas. Students who are considering A Level  Art and Design will be expected to work during lunchtime and afterschool studio sessions.

Goes well with

For those wishing to pursue a career within the Creative Arts: Photography, Textiles, Product Design, Media, but can be studied in any combination of subjects.

Pathways – Career and /or further study possibilities, using this subject:

The creative sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. It currently accounts for 6% of the UK’s GDP, with further growth predicted for the next decade. The creative industry and has proven to expand despite recent economic crisis.  Studying A Level Art and Design provides students with a fantastic platform for a Foundation Art Course, followed by BA in Art, Design or Art History.  The career prospects are varied: Digital Editor, Graphic Designer, Curator, Education, Product Designer, Fashion Designer, Brand Designer, Art Historian, Animator, Architect, Visual Merchandiser, Landscape Gardener, Games Designer, Advertising, Set Designer, Web Designer, Illustrator, Furniture Designer, Art Therapist, Jewellery Designer, Ceramicist Textile Designer.For further information, please contact:

Mrs Catherine Nicholas, Head of Creative Arts Faculty


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