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Welcome to Hendon School 6th Form

At HS6 we believe that young people have a right to a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment. We always aim to ensure that every student is able to achieve their potential academically, socially and emotionally.  Our lively 6th form offers a personalised, innovative and stimulating post-16 experience with a number of opportunities to gain qualifications and develop first class skills for employment and further study. This is done through a variety of avenues. Through time tabled Smart Futures lessons, students learn key, practical skills that will assist them in preparation for a career. In our enrichment programme, students engage in a ‘community project’ where they volunteer and contribute to the wider school community.

Making the transition from GCSE is difficult for both students and parents. We fully support students with their choices through their tutor groups and by scheduling individual appointments and interviews to give advice and guidance as to suitable A level choices. Once a member of HS6, students are taught by teachers who are well qualified, enthusiastic about their subject area and deliver high quality lessons. Most importantly however, students benefit from learning in an environment and with teachers which they are familiar and who supported them all through the school. In our dedicated 6th form centre, students have the space and facilities to embrace their creativity, independence and the academic challenges of their 2 year courses.

The Sixth Form remains very much at the heart of Hendon School and we share a common ethos and approach. We continue to be an inclusive school and so our 6th form provision is varied to ensure that we cater for a range of students and are able to match future career and university ambition to their chosen A level pathway. HS6 is full of opportunities and challenges which are exciting and rewarding and which truly integrates all students into the school community.

We invite you to explore our 6th form page on the school’s website to have a deeper understanding of what we have to offer and to allow us to show you how dynamic and special our current students are and the reasons why they make us proud.

Please download our prospectus which will provide you with an overview of the entry criteria and the courses offered in HS6. Our application form can also be downloaded and sent to the dedicated HS6 enrolment email. As well as our own students, we welcome and encourage applications from students who have previously attended other schools or colleges.

 Please do not hesitate to contact the 6th Form if you require any additional information.


Ms C Gittens

Head of Sixth Form

Hendon School

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