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The Provision for Deaf Students (PDS) currently caters for 20 students, aged 11-18. Each student has an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) associated with an educationally significant hearing loss. All students in the PDS wear personal hearing instruments for aural communication. These include hearing aids or cochlear implants. Hendon School has a Soundfield system in 50 classes and thus PDS students have access to Radio Aids to support listening and learning.

We aim to enable all our deaf pupils to achieve to the best of their abilities, academically, socially and emotionally by providing access to a high-quality learning environment.

 All the students have been identified as requiring support from PDS staff (Teachers of the Deaf, Specialist Support Teachers, and Communication Support Workers) to help access the mainstream curriculum through oral/aural methods. If required, BSL support can also be arranged. The students get in- lesson support in a variety of subjects. This forms a basis for 1 to 1, Pre and Post tutoring sessions. These sessions are designed to accommodate extra, structured learning which mirrors the mainstream curriculum.

PDS Students are integrated into Hendon School, and are members of mainstream tutor groups and are supported appropriately. PDS has a structured mentoring program which occurs daily. The aim to support the students both academically and emotionally. Example sessions include, academic recapping, homework support or discussions regarding current affairs (To develop Speech and Language skills). The department has links with various professionals to aid in the complete development of its students.  These include Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Audiology Technicians.

 The PDS has a moral responsibility to monitor the needs of deaf students who do not have an EHCP. This comes in the form of monitoring audiology equipment, highlighting deaf friendly strategies to teachers and offering advice to parents.

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Louise Whitaker

Head of PDS (QTOD)


0208 202 9004 EXT 258

Kalpna Patel

Deputy Head of PDS (QTOD)


0208 202 9004 Ext 256

Sanyu Nakasi

Trainee Teacher of the Deaf



0208 202 9004 Ext 256

Andrea Hanak

Specialist Support Worker


0208 202 9004 Ext 256

Joyce Massey

Specialist Support Worker


0208 202 9004 Ext 256

Tania Radjabi

Specialist Support Worker


0208 202 9004 Ext 256





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