National Offer Day is the evening of 1st March 2021

If you have not been offered a place at Hendon School, the law entitles you to appeal against that decision to an Independent Appeal Panel.  This panel is completely independent of the school and the Local Authority.  The appeals are held in Hendon. If you wish to appeal please use the link below to complete your appeal online. You should include any evidence or supporting material with your appeal form and you MUST give the grounds for your appeal at the time you lodge your appeal form.  Your appeal form will not be accepted unless you state the grounds for your appeal.  You may appeal for more than one school.


Please note the appeal form must NOT be returned to the school and can only be submitted on line.

Please click on the links to follow the instructions as to how to lodge your appeal form.

Appeal Dates & Information

Complete Appeal Online

Download Appeal Booklet 

Admissions Appeal Timeline


Applications made in the normal admissions round for entry to Year 7 in September 2021

1st March 2021        National Offers - Evening

30th March 2021      4pm - Deadline for lodging appeal (Forms received after this date will be considered as late                                                 appeals  and may not be heard until September 2020)

27th May 2021        The stage 1 part of the hearing (with other parents present) will take place at the school

                                  for more information see Appeal Dates and Information above

20th May 2021         Deadline for submission of any additional evidence by appelants

w/c 27th May 2021   Appeals Hearings heard by an independent panel

Late Applications for entry to Year 7 in September 2021

Appeal hearings will normally take place within 40 school days from the deadline for lodging appeals (30th March 2021 where possible, or within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged).



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