SMART Futures

Sensibly Maturely And Responsibly Thinking about our Future

 “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi
“Life is about creating and living experiences worth sharing.” - Steve Jobs 

The recent launch of the SMART Futures department across the whole school aims to develop skills and understanding in order for students to make informed and smart decisions, as well as preparing them for a safe and healthy future. SMART Futures follows a spiral programme that explores personal, social and emotional education; health and wellbeing; careers; citizenship; relationships and sex education and financial education.

Every aspect of Smart Futures focuses on personal development and student welfare, encouraging them to deepen self-awareness and value their school and wider community. Students explore character attributes and challenge themselves to planning and creating opportunities to further develop resilience, communication and organisation skills, initiative and leadership. Our SMART Futures Ambassadors of the school, are trained to support Smart Futures form time sessions and to help pupils within their form to reflect on their SMART Futures targets of the week and evaluate their PiXL Edge Character Attribute activities as they strive for Apprentice, Graduate or Masters level.

2015-16 SMART Futures Days 

Outside the Classroom/Visitors

The Smart Futures department provide opportunities for pupils to develop and consolidate learning through trips, such as Year 12’s most recent visit to the Arts Depot where Safe Drive Alive raised awareness to our nearly new drivers. We continue to invite visitors to the school, where students’ knowledge and understanding are enhanced through captivating and inspiring presentations and question and answer discussions. Key Stage 3 have recently experienced showcases from iCare Revolution to broaden an understanding of individual identity and encouraged pupils to campaign against Anti-bullying. Pupils have described sessions as “inspirational” and “thought-provoking” as they apply the skills to ensure they live healthy, happily and safe.

Vision statement for Centre of Excellence in financial and enterprise education

At Hendon School, we aim to prepare young people for an ever-changing world that values self-confident; well-educated; financially astute and enterprising people. This aim is supported by our vision “Believe, Achieve, Lead, Belong.” Our belief is that all students should be able to undertake a range of opportunities in order to leave Hendon School with the skills necessary for adult life. 

This year we are working to become a Centre of Excellence in Finance and Enterprise education, if successful we will be the first school in the country to achieve this award. As part of this work we ensure that all our students have opportunities to take part in financial and enterprising education. Through our schemes of work, we want every young person to have the opportunities to develop knowledge, attitudes and skills to play a successful part in the community.   

Our planned Financial and Enterprise Education programmes explore a range issues combining learning and practical application. Students have the opportunity to develop knowledge, understanding and skills related to money management, being critical consumers, managing risks and emotions associated with money and understanding the important role money plays in our immediate lives and the world around us. Students will have further opportunities to develop and apply the skills of problem solving; communication; teamwork; resilience; confidence; initiative; organisation and creativity. These are many of the skills that employers are looking for and support the aim of preparing students for life outside of Hendon. 

We will achieve through a number of initiatives including:

  • Our planned maths scheme of work that incorporates financial education
  • Our dedicated Financial Education lessons in each year group, delivered by the SMART Futures team, looking at the moral issues surrounding money
  • A series of lessons delivered through the SMART Futures programme, to develop enterprising skills
  • The rolling out of the PiXL programme to other year groups. 

We are very excited about the development of the skills of the students over the next academic year.


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