V-Cert Health & Fitness

"The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have" - Vince Lombardi

Students have 3 lessons a week, made up of 2 theory lessons and 1 practical lesson. In course they will cover the principles of health and fitness, healthy lifestyles, preparing and planning for health and fitness and developing a health and fitness programme. Students will create a portfolio to demonstrate their understanding of the above units and have one external exam on the unit of preparing and planning for health and fitness. The portfolio will make up 75% of their overall grade with the exam carrying 25% of the marks. Students will be graded with a Pass, Merit or Distinction at the end of the two year course.





Year 10

Principles of Health and Fitness.
Main Body Systems.
Body Composition and Fitness.

Preparing and Planning for Health and Fitness.

Written Exam.

Year 11

Healthy Lifestyles.
Food and living a health lifestyle.

Does motivation affect participation?

Develop a personal health and fitness programme. 

Carry out personal health and fitness programme.
Evaluate effectiveness of health and fitness programme

Study leave

Progression pathways and careers

Students are able to complete level 3 qualifications and then progress to college or University courses. There is a vast range of careers that students can enter, these include sports/fitness trainer, physiotherapy, PE teacher, sports therapist, sports journalism, sports coach and notational analysis.

The lessons provide an opportunity for students to learn about and adopt healthier lifestyles.

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Mr Edward Welch, Head of PE, WelchE@hendonschool.co.uk
Twitter – Hendon_pe

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