Students begin their GCSE in languages in year 9 at Hendon. At KS3 they have acquired the foundations in French to set them up for GCSE both in terms of assessed skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and vocabulary/grammar. GCSE French allows students to expand their linguistic knowledge whilst further broadening their intercultural understanding. Outside of lessons, in previous years we have had French theatre performances, screening of French films, a French escape room and trips abroad.

At KS4 we follow the AQA syllabus for GCSE French. the course is assessed at the end of year 11. There are four exams – one in each of the core skills – and each accounts for 25% of the GCSE. The course has 12 units and we spread these across the three years whilst allowing plenty of time for revision at the end of year 11. Students are assessed at the end of each unit. They sit either the foundation assessment (where they can achieve grades 1-5) or the higher assessment (where they can achieve grades 4-9) depending on where they are in the course and their individual ability.

In year 9 we cover the following units;

-          Unit 1 – Me, my family and friends (relationships with family and friends)

-          Unit 3 – Free time activities

-          Unit 5 – Home, town, neighbourhood and region

-          Unit 9 – my studies

-          Unit 4 – customs and festivals in French speaking countries/communities

In year 10 we cover the following units;

-          Unit 8 – travel and tourism

-          Unit 10 – life at school and college

-          Unit 11 – education post-16

-          Unit 2 – technology in everyday life

-          Unit 6 – social issues (healthy/unhealthy living)

-          Unit 1 – me, my family and friends (marriage/partnership)

In year 11 we cover the following units;

-          Unit 7 – Global issues

-          Unit 6 – Social issues (charity/voluntary work)

-          Unit 12 – jobs, career choices and ambitions.

For further information, please visit the AQA French website here or the French site on FROG.


Rachel Bacon


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