“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Joseph Addison


In English, we aim to ensure that Hendon students achieve to the very fullest of their potential whilst imparting to them a genuine passion for reading and the study of literature. In addition, we create exciting, extra-curricular opportunities where students can become involved in a range of creative activities

Students have 4 lessons a week in Years 10 and 11.

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All students study English Literature in year 10 and English Language in Year 11.





Year 10

19th Century Novel:
“A Christmas Carol”

Poetry Collection
Post 1914 British Novel: “Animal Farm”

Post 1914 British Novel: “Animal Farm”
Unseen Contemporary Poetry

Year 11

Fiction and Imaginative Writing

Non-Fiction and Transactional Writing



Outside the classroom

The English faculty is very enthusiastic about offering extra-curricular experiences to our students from all of the key stages. We ensure that they have opportunities to participate in a wide variety of trips and activities. Students who are passionate about the subject of English will have the opportunity to take part in “The Literati”: a highly creative and stimulating programme of extra-curricular study.

Progression pathways and careers

Being able to read, write and speak English well is an essential component of all aspects of everyday life. The study of English at Hendon School helps to prepare all students for the communicative necessities of life beyond school.

The study of English, as a subject, has a direct connection to career paths that depend on writing such as journalism. For other careers, such as law, the study of English is often a valuable stepping stone and is considered a facilitating subject by many universities.

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Mr Cameron Dunham, Head of English Faculty: DunhamC@hendonschool.co.uk

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