“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”  James Beard

Catering offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and extend their skills within Catering in a vocational context. It provides opportunities to develop students' interdisciplinary skills, a range of Key Skills and their capacity for imaginative, innovative thinking, creativity and independence. It is a suitable qualification for those who want a broad background in Catering Industry and for those who wish to progress to further education. It also offers valuable preparation for adult life.

The course encourages the investigation and study of Catering in a variety of contexts and uses a range of assessment techniques to enable students to respond through practical and investigative work.

Students have 3 lessons a week

Exam board: WJEC

Course outline:
Unit 1 – Catering skills related to food preparation and service, Controlled assessment 60%
Unit 2 – Catering, food and the customer, Written paper 1 hour 45mins 40%





Year 10

The industry - food and drink (Theory and visits)

Job roles, employment opportunities and relevant training (Theory and visits)

Health, safety and hygiene (Practical and theory)

Food Preparation, Production and Presentation ( Practical and Theory)


Controlled Task:

•Research project
•Planning exam

Nutrition and menu Planning (Theory and Practical)

Costing and Portion Control ( Practical and Theory)

Controlled Tasks:

• Practical Exam
• Evaluation Exam

All of this is completed in a total of 15 hours and is worth 20% of your total GCSE Catering grade.

Specialist equipment (Practical and theory)

Communication and record keeping (Theory and Practical)

Environmental considerations (Theory and Practical)

Year 11  

Jobs, Employment & Training
Nutrition and Menu Planning for specific groups

Practical- Advanced skills and working with high risk foods



Controlled Tasks:

• Practical exam
• Evaluation exam

All of this is completed in a total of 30 hours and is worth 40% of your total grade



Outside the classroom

A cooking club runs during the Summer Term
An annual Chef’s Competition
Students also support with Catering at school functions

Progression pathways and careers

This course may be followed by any student. The course provides opportunities for students to extend their life-long learning. Students at KS4 are able to study GCSE Catering

This course is intended to offer opportunities for progression through a variety of routes in further education (e.g. Advanced Level GCE, Diplomas), training (e.g. Modern Apprenticeships) or employment.

The course provides a good grounding for those wishing to take up a career in the Food Industry, Hotel or Catering Service.

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Ms Ann Marie Thompson D&T and Catering Teacher  

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