Food & Cookery - VCert

V Certs are a suite of high-quality technical qualifications which are appropriate for students who are motivated and challenged by learning through hands-on experience and through content which is concrete and directly related to those experiences.

A VCert – also known as a Vocational Certificate is equivalent to one GCSE and is recognised by the Department of Education as a Technical award.

What will students learn?

 Students will develop skills including how to:

• prepare and cook using basic skills.

• plan and produce dishes for a purpose.

• ensure a safe and hygienic environment.

• food and its functions in the body and in recipes

• balanced diets and modification of recipes for health purposes.

Students start work on their portfolio at the beginning of Year 10 and submit in Year 11.

Students have three one-hour lessons a week.

Exam board: Ncfe VCert Food & Cookery

Course outline

• Unit 1 – Preparing to cook

• Unit 2 - Understanding food

• Unit 3 – Exploring balanced diets

• Unit 4 – Plan and produce dishes in response to a brief

All units are internally assessed, then moderated by the exam board.


Progression pathways and careers

The VCert in Food and Cookery is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and understanding of using different cooking techniques and methods, ingredients, computer skills, planning and budgeting.

VCert Food & Cookery may be followed by any student who is focused, able to undertake independent research, motivated and has a genuine interest in food, nutrition as well as developing transferable skills such as planning, communication, problem solving, and health & safety practices.

VCert Food & Cookery provides an opportunity for students to lay the foundation for further study, apprenticeships or a career beyond the obvious positions of a chef or food server, in the fields of nutrition, dietetics, research, health, fitness, social care, and entrepreneurship.

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Mrs. Tobin – VCert Food & Cookery Teacher/Food Technology Teacher


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