Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom. Roger Bacon

In the Spanish department we want to share with pupils our passion for Spanish and encourage pupils to begin communicating with confidence and enthusiasm. In a globalised world, where Spanish is the third most spoken language, we want pupils to see the importance and relevance of learning another language and develop their curiosity for other cultures.

In our lessons, we challenge pupils to speak together in Spanish, to read authentic materials, to understand native speakers and to write extended pieces to express themselves.  We believe it is also fundamental to give our pupils strategies to become better independent learners.

We feel it is important for pupils to have authentic experiences using their Spanish. We now have a Spanish exchange partnership with a Secondary school in the heart of Madrid. The exchange programme is aimed at pupils from years 10, 12 and 13 and gives them the opportunity to stay with Spanish families, to experience life at a Spanish school and to develop their fluency and confidence in Spanish.

In the first half term of Year 7 students study 5 lessons in the 4 languages (French, German, Japanese and Spanish) that we teach at Hendon School as part of a carousel. These lessons consist of language and culture.

In October students choose their first language as either 1) Japanese or 2) French, which they then continue for the rest of Year 7.

In Year 8 students will study a second language either 1) German or 2) Spanish

Students have 3 lessons per week in year 7 and 2 lessons per week in year 8 and 9.





Year 8

Introducing myself

My school

My family


Free time

Year 9

My house and home

My city and local area




My diet and lifestyle


Outside the classroom

The Spanish exchange programme to Madrid is available for pupils studying Spanish in years 10, 12 and 13. Our pupils spend a week living with a host family in the centre of Madrid. Pupils will attend school in Spain, spend time exploring Madrid and developing their cultural understanding and fluency in Spanish. Our Spanish exchange partners spend a week visiting London and spend a week at Hendon living with host families. This is an incredibly valuable and enriching experience and our pupils have really enjoyed the opportunity to make and maintain friendships with Spanish pupils. 

Progression pathways and careers

At Hendon students are able to study Spanish all the way through school to A-level standard.
Learning a language opens up to a world of careers. Students can continue learning the language at university for careers such as interpreting and translation. However, with increased globalisation in most lines of work, knowledge of a second language is certainly an asset. Spanish is useful for those considering a career in travel and tourism, business, finance and the media. It also would be beneficial for any career that involves travelling to Spain or South America

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 Ian Sanz Hurst - Head of Spanish

Rachel Bacon Head of MFL Faculty -

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