Spanish is a language that opens up the world, for the job market, for higher education and for travel. It is a very popular language which is fun to learn. At Hendon Spanish is delivered through a variety of activities and resources which are planned effectively to cater for all needs in the classroom. More than 500 million people speak Spanish and it is the third most widely learned foreign language after English and French. As the UK leaves the European Union, knowledge of Spanish will be increasingly useful for careers in business and more and more sought after by employers.

In year 7 and 8, students of Spanish cover 10 modules and are assessed at the end of each unit using life after levels[RB1] . They receive homework at least once a week (this could be in the form of vocabulary learning or writing tasks). Lessons focus on the four key skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing but also include lots of games, songs and challenges. To develop children’s cultural knowledge, teachers use authentic materials for example video clips, films, maps etc.  Below is a summary of the content covered in each half term. For more information and resources, please visit the Spanish pages on FROG.




Assessed skill(s)

Year 7

My life

Introducing yourself



Personality description

Likes and dislikes


Listening and Speaking

My free time





Range of opinions with reasons

Introducing present tense

Asking questions

Reading and Writing

My school






Break time activities


Using irregular verbs

Introducing future expression (I would like / I want / I hope)

Reading and Writing

My family and friends

Family members

Physical description



Giving opinions in 3rd person

Possessive adjectives


My town / city

Where you live

Places in town

Types of shops

Eating out

Future plans

Using quantifiers (a / some / many)

Introduce future tense (I’m going to…)

Key verbs in past tense

End of year assessments

Year 8


Describing a past holiday

Holiday activities


Opinions in the past

Using the verb ‘to go’ in the past

Introducing past tense for regular verbs

Reading and Writing


Using your phone


TV preferences

Giving comparisons

Introducing direct object pronouns (it / them)


Let’s eat (Food)

Food and drink

Meal times

Ordering in a restaurant

Describing a party

Using negatives

Asking questions

Using 3 tenses together


Making plans

Arranging to go out

Making excuses



Sporting events

Using future tenses

Reading and Writing

Staying fit


Active lifestyle

Daily routine


Likes and dislikes

Reflexive verbs


Speaking and Listening

Getting ready for summer

Holiday home



Summer camps

World trip

Using superlatives

Irregular verbs

End of year assessment


Towards the end of year 8 and before May half term, students are asked to select one language for further study at KS4. We begin the GCSE course in year 9. For further information please see the KS4 page here 

Outside the classroom

The Spanish exchange programme to Madrid is available for pupils studying Spanish in years 10, 12 and 13. Our pupils spend a week living with a host family in the centre of Madrid. Pupils will attend school in Spain, spend time exploring Madrid and developing their cultural understanding and fluency in Spanish. Our Spanish exchange partners spend a week visiting London and spend a week at Hendon living with host families. This is an incredibly valuable and enriching experience and our pupils have really enjoyed the opportunity to make and maintain friendships with Spanish pupils. 

Progression pathways and careers

At Hendon students are able to study Spanish all the way through school to A-level standard.
Learning a language opens up to a world of careers. Students can continue learning the language at university for careers such as interpreting and translation. However, with increased globalisation in most lines of work, knowledge of a second language is certainly an asset. Spanish is useful for those considering a career in travel and tourism, business, finance and the media. It also would be beneficial for any career that involves travelling to Spain or South America

Useful links – for vocabulary building at key stages – for GCSE practice questions – for grammar practice


 Ian Sanz Hurst - Head of Spanish

Rachel Bacon Head of MFL Faculty -

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