HS6 University Matters

Each year between 80-90% of our Year 13 students go straight on to university.  A number of students also take a gap year before starting university. Our students go on to a wide range of universities and study an extensive range of courses. We also encourage students to keep in contact and return to share their experiences with students currently applying for university.  All students considering applying to university receive a great deal of support to ensure that they make appropriate decisions.


Destinations in 2015 included:-

Adam Laraqui, Computer Science and Mathematics, Queen Marys

Akosua Davis, African Studies, Birmingham

Asma Imari – International Politics, City University

Chloe Salenhejad – Computer Science, Goldsmiths

Elsadiq Ahmed Salim – Mechanical Engineering, UCL

Eda Arslan – Criminology and Sociology, City University

Fred Varley – Physics, Exeter

Michael Tsangari – Chemistry, Leeds

Lundresa Bytyqi – Law, Kings College, London

Molos Dautaj – Economics, Queen Marys

Natalie Ng – Film and Media Production, Sheffield Hallam

Pirashanth Jeyakaran – Computer Science with mathematics, Queen Marys

Ryoma Takahashi – Computer Science with mathematics, Kings College London

Tanya Wickramage – Dental Surgery, Leeds

Zakia Elojali – Pharmacy, Kings College, London

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