"Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater." - Albert Einstein

Today's students will live and work in the twenty-first century, in an era dominated by computers, by world-wide communication and by a global economy. Jobs that contribute to this economy will require workers who are prepared to absorb new ideas, to perceive patterns and to solve unconventional problems. Mathematics is a key requirement for these jobs.

Through mathematics, we learn to make sense of things around us. As technology has mathematicised the workplace and statistics are key in any debate, the mathematical sciences have moved from being a requirement not only for future scientists but an essential ingredient in the education of all.

Students have 9 lessons a fortnight

Exam board – Edexcel

Entry criteria – A middle B in GCSE Mathematics and UMS score of 110 or above and a C grade in English GCSE.

The Mathematics department offers Maths (Mechanics), Maths (Statistics). Subject to sufficient demand, Decision Maths is also offered at A2. Numbers have increased hugely in recent years; with a strong further maths class each year.





Year 12

Core Maths 1
Core Maths 2

Core Maths 2 (continued)
Statistics 1 or Mechanics 1

Statistics 1 or Mechanics 1 (continued)

Year 13

Core Maths 3

Core Maths 4

Core Maths 4 (continued)

Choice of Mechanics 2, Statistics 1 or 2 or Decision Maths

Completion Unit

Outside the classroom

At Hendon School we offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, with every year group having access to maths trips and/or guest speakers at least once a year. In Year 7 we have a joint trip with the Religious Education (RE) department, where all students visit St. Pauls Cathedral.

Students are also able to access a range of opportunities including the Mathematics in action lectures held every year at Imperial University, Finance and Mathematical Summer schools at a range of Universities. The enrichment element to the mathematics teaching at Hendon incorporates exploration and development of deep thinking skills for all students. Gifted and Talented groups, STEM sessions and the UK Maths Challenge form part of the ‘in-house’ training.

Progression pathways and careers

GCSE Statistics could lead on to further study in Statistics at A-level or other related subjects such as Maths, Further Maths and the Social Sciences.

Thanks to the growing importance placed on technology, big data and economic efficiency, by all kinds of organisations, expert number crunchers are increasingly in demand. Those who study maths are keen problem solvers, eager to make sense of even the most advanced equations. Academic research is a common career path, but so too are careers in business, economics, accounting and banking. This wide range of opportunities comes from the universal need for graduates with strong analytical and problem-solving skills – which math graduates should have by the bucket load.

Useful links

An interactive online lesson and test for every topic taught in secondary school mathematics. Pupils get their own logins and their performance in the topic tests (online homework) are recorded so progress can be monitored. The online lessons are very good with nice animations showing topics that are difficult to teach using just a whiteboard, such as, constructions and 3D coordinates. Username:hendon, password:divide

Mathematics Enhancement Programme
A resource for every topic! Pupil text books, practice books, tests and much more on every topic through the primary, secondary and A-level curricula.

NRich Maths
A range of puzzles and activities for all abilities. The monthly puzzles really engage pupils as they can submit their solutions through the website and  get them published online the following month.

Mr Barton Maths
Fantastic resources for mathematicians of all abilities

Hegarty maths
Award winning teacher, who has produced a number of vidoes and activities to help students in a range of topics


Mr Adrian Winiecki, Head of Mathematics,

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