Government & Politics

“Man is by nature a political animal.” Aristotle

A-Level Government & Politics is an interesting, relevant and worthy subject that is highly regarded by universities. Students learn about how our country is governed and how political ideologies shape our world. Politics enables students to explore a range of issues including the role, powers and effectiveness of the Prime Minister, Parliament and the Supreme Court in the UK; to investigate the nature and extent of democracy in the UK and in the EU; and to understand how ideas such as liberalism, conservatism, socialism and feminism have shaped social and economic policies. The course empowers students to critically examine issues including; (a) whether to sacrifice civil liberties and privacy for security in the War against Terror; (b) whether or not Britain should remain in the EU; and (c) how far feminism has improved the status women.

Entry Requirements: a grade B in English and grade B in Geography, History, Sociology or RE.

A-Level Government & Politics (Edexcel) comprised four units, which are:

  • Unit 1 People and Politics
  • Unit 2 Governing the UK
  • Unit 3B Introduction to Political Ideologies
  • Unit 4B Other Political Ideologies

In Unit 1, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of the nature of democracy and how people participate in the political process; the factors which influence political parties and their policies; the strengths and weaknesses of electoral systems; and the role of unelected organisations, such as, pressure groups who have access to the corridors of power in the UK. Unit 2 develops students study the Constitution, Parliament, Prime Minister and the judiciary, with a view to understand and critically examine their effectiveness in society today. Units 3 and 4 are engaging modules that inspire passion in our students because they study range of ideologies: conservatism, anarchism, feminism, ecologism, nationalism and multiculturalism. These units develop students’ critical faculties, empowering them to analyse how ideas have shaped our lives.


  • Debating Society
  • A range of trip opportunities, including to the Houses of Parliament

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Career progression

Government & Politics is a highly respected subject which admissions tutors at university, and employers from all works of life, value immensely because of the transferable skills it develops in people. These skills include, communication, planning and organisation, analysis and evaluation, presentation, and leadership. One may choose a wide range of careers, including:

  • Government (councillor, MP, lobbyist)
  • Education (teacher, lecturer, researcher)
  • Business and Management
  • Law (solicitor, barrister, police, forensic scientist)
  • Journalism
  • Health and social care


Ms. J. Begum (Head of History & Politics)

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