The Extended Project is widely welcomed in principle and in prospect. A large majority of departmental admissions tutors expect to recognise it as a positive attribute when selecting among applicants with similar levels of achievement (both high fliers and those at the borderline). Tutors also welcome its potential to enhance study skills, to align with undergraduate modes of study and to provide additional diagnostic evidence when selecting among applicants

(1994 Group Research Report, Jan 08, p.29)

The EPQ is worth an additional 70 UCAS points, Graded A* to E.

Outcomes may be dissertation, investigation, performance or artefact with final oral presentation. The course aids the development of many key skills such as independent learning, research and critical thinking which are valued by both employers and universities. It is a fantastic opportunity to show academic commitment to your chosen subject and/or also to explore a topic you enjoy for its own sake.

1 taught lesson per fortnight, drop in support sessions arranged as needed


Key Themes of Each Lesson:

1. Introduction to course
2. How to research
3. Smart reading
4. Engaging with visual culture
5. Referencing not plagiarising
6. Writing the report
7. Giving effective presentations
8. Visualisation and presentation of data

Useful links

Many universities run their own EPQ support programmes, for example University of Manchester runs an ‘Ask the Expert’ facility: http://www.manchester.ac.uk/connect/teachers/students/post-16/extended-project/support-teachers-students/

Career progression

The benefits of doing an EPQ – quote from a student:

“Doing the Extended Project gave me the necessary skills for researching topics and producing extended essays and dissertations.  In addition, it has given me much more confidence when doing presentations and when I am involved in discussions groups and in tutorials.  I have appreciated that points of view should be based upon evidence rather than unsubstantiated ideas. The skills given to me by the Extended Project are of great benefit to me given the nature of some of the modules in my degree.  I am really pleased that I had the opportunity to practise these skills before I came to university.”


Mrs R O’Donnell, EPQ Coordinator HughesR@hendonschool.co.uk


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