Every time that I wanted to give up, if I saw an interesting textile, print or whatever, suddenly I would see a collection. - Anna Sui, fashion designer

As part of the Design & Technology world, Textiles allows students to explore the world of fibres, fabrics and fashion. It is a long journey from realising how many Textiles items are around us, making first steps in using a needle and thread, learning how to use a sewing machine in order to join and later to decorate fabrics, to designing and making their own garments and showing them on the catwalk.

AQA www.aqa.org.uk/.../design-and-technology-product-design-textiles-2560

Grade C in Textiles, Art or any other Design Subject, Grade B in English

KS5 course is designed to encourage students to take a broad view of Textiles Design and Technology, to develop their capacity to design and make different Textiles products and to appreciate the complex relations between trends, design, materials, manufacture and marketing.

Through theory and practical lessons students have wide opportunities to learn about Textiles materials and components, Fashion trends and Fashion designers of 20th century, to develop good practical skills in fabric decoration and garment construction and to understand historic and modern industrial practices and design movements.

In Year 12 students build up a portfolio of several smaller Design and Make projects as well as having a theory session every week as preparation for the Theory exam at the end of May.

In Year 13 students work on one major Design and Make project of their choice as well as having theory lessons for the final exam preparation.





Year 12

Textiles panel project
Model bag project
Fashion bag project

New look project
Product analysis
Exam preparation

Exam preparation

Year 13


Exam preparation

Exam preparation

 Exam preparation

Outside the classroom

Students are encouraged to visit permanent and temporary exhibitions at Victoria and Albert Museum, Design Museum and Fashion and Textiles Museum

Students are also encouraged to apply to Summer School at London Met University and the London College of Fashion at the end of Year 12

Progression pathways and careers

Students who have completed A Level textiles have a range of courses and opportunities available to them. Possible university courses include: Fashion design courses, Art and Design foundation courses, Design courses, Fashion promotion course, Fashion studies, Fashion design and marketing, Fashion management, European Fashion, Costumes for stage and screen courses, Clothing engineering and management. There are also a range of apprenticeships that students can apply for, including  Angels Costumiers in West Hendon.

Possible careers: Fashion designer working freelance or for a fashion house, Fashion/Retail buyer, Textiles (fabric) Designer, Pattern cutter, Fibre technologist, Fabric technologist, Textiles colourist, Cutting room manager, Warehouse manager, Production manager, Fashion journalist, Costume designer and so on.

A number of Hendon Students have gone on to study textiles and work in a range of different roles including having their own design companies and fashion houses.

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