“Dance is the international Language of the world” - Sam Starling

Dance inspires pupils to become creative, develop confidence and fitness. It plays an important part in our school community. Through Dance in education an importance is placed on making links to the social, cultural and historical context of the world. Dance has a unique role to play in the curriculum by combining physical skills, anatomy with imagination and creativity.  Students experience a wide range of different Dance styles and gain transferrable skills which increase confidence, self-esteem, and discipline in a safe and stimulating environment.

A-level Dance- AQA exam board:

Course outline

Unit 1 and 3 - Written paper: Understanding Dance
Unit 2 and 4 - Choreography and Performance

A Level Dance students get 6 lessons over the fortnight, the lessons are divided equally between the theory and practical components of course.

Topics studied are: Anatomy- bones, muscles and joints in relation to physical training and conditioning, injury/ prevention/ rehabilitation, diet and nutrition. The in-depth study of professional set works is used for analysis of historical and cultural influence, type and treatment of subject matter, and interpretation. Essay based questions are set around these works, including choreographic principles and movement components within the professional pieces.

The practical elements within the course consist of 2 components, choreography and performance. Students study a range of Dance practitioners and pioneers within the modern Dance world and develop an understanding of dance technique, choreographic principles and performance using a variety of dance styles.

Entry requirements: Dance B or Audition

Year 12

Unit 1 Written paper - 1 hr 30 mins

A – structured questions (20 marks)
B – two essay questions (40 marks)

Unit 2 Solo choreography and performance in a duo/group

A – solo choreography and performance (60 marks)
B – performance in a duo/trio (30 marks)

Year 13

Unit 3 Written paper 1hr 30 mins

A – one question on chosen area of study (40 marks)
B – one question on set work studied (40 marks)

Unit 4

Two sections: A – group choreography (45 marks)
B – solo performance (30 marks)


Outside the classroom

The department offers a wide variety of opportunities that students can get involved in. We currently have a competing BBoy crew and Street Dance crew. Students get the opportunity to perform at a range of venues including Sadlers Wells, BRIT school, South Bank Centre, Arts Depot- North Finchley.

At lunchtime there is an open studio where any students are welcome to come to train or rehearse and develop new skills. We have regular clubs after school ranging from Contemporary to Hip-Hop.

We offer regular trips to the West End to broaden student’s knowledge and appreciation. Beckton Gymnasium is a termly trip where students get to train on a fully sprung floor, sponge pit and air track to develop their physical and technical skills. Our annual trip is to Germany where we take part in the UDO Street Dance Championships.

The Dance department has a partnership link with Sadlers Wells where students have worked with ReBourne Matthew Bourne’s professional company, Zoo Nation, Breaking Convention, Impact Dance and the Jack Petchy Foundation funded by the Royal Academy of Dance.

Progression pathways and careers

Students that study Dance enter a wide range of career areas including Business, Physiotherapy, Education, Performers and Choreographers, Events Management, Youth work. It can also give you the opportunity to travel. Studying Dance provides you with a range of valuable and transferable skills through a range of enriched opportunities and can lead you to broad and diverse world of employment. 

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