The [purpose] of law is not to restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. - Joseph C. Ben-Ami

Law is a fascinating subject dealing with real life events and people. A level Law is a vigorous course, academically challenging but rewarding. The aim of the course is to enable students to gain an understanding of Legal systems including how laws are made, the court structure and an introduction to Criminal and Tort Law.


Students have 9 lessons a fortnight

Entry Criteria

5 A*- C, including a B in English and a B in another humanities subject eg History or Geography

Exam board: AQA

Course outline

Law 01 - Understanding of Legal systems and how laws are made including primary, secondary and common law as well as the court structure that implements the law.

Law 02 -Introduction to Criminal and Tort Law, including Non-Fatal offences and the tortuous principles in negligence.

Law 03 - Criminal Law (Offences against the Person) - Fatal and Non-Fatal Offences, Defences and Evaluation of these

Law 04 - Criminal Law (Offences against Property) - Theft, Robbery, Burglary, Criminal Damage, Fraud. In addition students are required to write a Jurisprudence essay






Law making

Criminal Law and Tort

Exam practice and introduction to Unit 3

A Level

Criminal Law (Offences against the Person)

Criminal Law (Offences against Property)

Exam practice


Outside the classroom

Students will have opportunities to visit a court and attend a mediation seminar.

Progression pathways and careers

The A level Law course would be suitable to any student who enjoys analytical thinking and appreciates reading and writing. Students, having obtained the A level, can progress to any field at university. This course is not only relevant to a student wanting to pursue a career in law since many degree courses, for example construction, engineering and business, now have law modules as part of the degree

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Ms Coleen Gittens, Law teacher


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